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Are you looking for a business coach to help you…


Improve your quality of life, and work-life balance?


Improve your skills, strategies, and processes?


Gain clarity, focus, and a sense of purpose?


Gain greater satisfaction and happiness?

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Why Choose ByNan Business Solutions for Small Business Coaching?

ByNan Business Solutions Inc. works with clients to identify areas where they can improve, and develop strategies and action plans to address them. This can include anything from improving time management & organizational skills to developing effective sales & marketing plans, and effective team development.

Together we’ll set goals and create action plans, and ByNan Business Solutions will hold you accountable for following through on these commitments. Having an expert business coach means you’ll also receive emotional support and encouragement. All of these expected results can be especially helpful during challenging times.

Business Coaching in Brockville, Merrickville, Kemptville, and Ottawa

What Value Can A Business Coach Add?

One of the most significant values that ByNan Business Solutions brings to business owners is his business coaching experience and expertise. He has worked with many businesses in different industries, and has seen what works and what doesn’t.

ByNan Business Solutions can provide insights and advice that business owners may not have considered otherwise. Through helping you clearly identify your values, you’ll align your goals with those values. You’ll work on shaping your business to be more aligned with your personal vision and goals.

This undoubtedly leads to greater fulfillment, sustainability, and a sense of purpose!

Take advantage of my limited offer:

Your first coaching session for FREE!

How can a business coach help your business grow?

All business owners face some common challenges.
What area of your business do you want to improve the most?



Create a plan to manage your time better. Identify areas where you can be more productive, and develop strategies to avoid overwhelm.



Set team goals and delegate tasks, build team morale, and make strategic hiring decisions that reflect your company culture.



Take control over your expenses, revenue, and cash flow. Learn how to increase profits on your way to financial health.

See what my business coaching clients have to say:

The uniqueness that Kevin brings to the table as a coach is his complete dedication to my success. I only remember he has other clients when we do the growth planning workshop every 90 days. Working with him has enabled me to overcome challenges and make the right decisions for my business without compromising on the attention that my health requires of me at this time. As he coaches me on how to work on my business instead of only in my business, I notice that I am working smarter not harder – and that’s the secret to true success!! Getting the results because of appropriate strategies and planning not because of long draining hours is achievable and he is showing me exactly how! Thank you Coach!

– Joyce

Thanks to Kevin, in just 4 months he has helped us improve our business focus which has in turn increased our monthly revenue. Our goal is to have a profitable business that gives us our evenings and weekends back…and more vacaBons! I have no doubt he will help us get there. Thanks Coach!

– Dawna Christy

Owner, Targe Innovations

I’ve been a small business owner for 17 yrs. It’s only been the last six months working with Kevin Savoy from ByNan Business Solutions that I have had clarity in my business. Having clarity has given me a more focused workday and in return more restful down time. Working with Kevin has made me see my business from an owner’s point of view. Working on my business, instead of in my business has given me the ability to clearly see where my business was going. Kevin has also given me the opportunity and tools to steer my business to where I want it to be. Working on my business instead of in my business has increased my trust in my staff. Allowing me to free up time in the workday. Having extra time in the workday has given me the opportunity to grow my business without adding extra hours to the work week.

– B. Bacon

What makes Kevin stand out so much as a great coach is, he cares as much about the company as you do. He brings a positive attitude and compassion to each and every coaching session. All of this is not only making us better business leaders but a better person as well.

– Kathy Thomson MacLennan

Co-Owner, Summerheights Golf Links

During the time I worked with Kevin he coached me to bring a higher level of vision for my company, focus as a business owner and accountability to growing my business with a true caring, positive and inspiring attitude. I was able to bring more order to my business, grow and inspire my team and have a focus that grew profits which made me a better business owner and a better supporter of my family.

– Rick Buffham

Owner, RB Heating Climate Care

Kevin’s impact on my business has been undeniable. My company was doing “well enough” financially, but I had trouble finding time to work on client growth, and the line between my work and home life was hopelessly blurred. With Kevin’s coaching and guidance I’ve brought clarity, accountability and focus to my business, spending more time with my family while seeing a significant increase in revenue over the last six months. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your business and are looking for a way to make your company grow without letting it take over your whole life, I highly recommend Kevin.

– Josh Lamb

Owner, Sterling Grace Technologies

“I highly recommend Kevin with Bynan Business Solutions as a business coach. In the early stages of building my business, I could see the growth potential but often felt lost in the path to get there. When I met Kevin, I realized how much true growth strategy I was missing, and needless to say, his expertise helped me streamline my business processes and optimize my sales strategies, resulting in record-breaking sales revenue. Kevin has been dedicated to my success and he has tailored his approach each and every coaching session to my specific needs. His knowledge and persistence in guiding you every step to reach your goals is inspiring. I am forever grateful for Kevin’s guidance and professionalism!! Thank you!”

– Dylan Holton

Owner, Capital Content Inc.

“I’ve been working with Kevin for 5 years now and every year I’m excited to see the rewards of all the work he and I put into my business. As a single mom of three, he encourages and helps me create plans that are manageable for my lifestyle, while still gaining success! Kevin has been such a supportive coach and mentor for me through all the ups and downs that owning a business comes with and I couldn’t think of anyone else I’d want in my corner, cheering me on! I wouldn’t be as far or as confident as I am without his expertise guiding, me in all the right ways! Coach Kevin, I can’t thank you enough 🙏🏻”

– Holly Bogaerts

Owner, Hollywood Glamour

“Top athletes in the world require coaches to help them rise to the top. Business owners also require coaches to help them raise their business to the top. After owning and operating a successful accounting firm for more than 25 years, it was essential for me to have a Business Coach look at our business from the outside in. While working closely with Coach Kevin over the years, I gained a level of clarity and direction in my business that not only provided me with great benefits but also my team. Coach Kevin inspired me to become a better business owner and empowered me to be a better leader. Excellent leadership empowers and inspires team members which creates a more profitable and stable business.”

– Charles Ghadban

President & Owner, Charles Ghadban Accounting and Strategic Tax Services

“I’ve been working with ByNan Business Solutions going on six years now. Prior to Coach Kevin’s arrival, my business lacked organization, operational procedures, growth targets and human resource tools. Since then we have grown from one into three companies, each with their own operation systems and targets in place. One of my best business decisions was to onboard a business coach. That being said, I lucked out by choosing ByNan Business Solutions!”

– Chris Coville

President of “The Cove Dweller Suite of Companies”

“Working with Kevin has been a huge help to my business. Kevin has helped me to completely transform the way I operate my business. From developing clearly defined systems for every function of my business, to a focus on personal development of both myself and my team, having Kevin as part of my team has been a really positive change to my business. Kevin has helped me to make a major shift towards working “on” my business instead of working “in” my business. Kevin has helped push me to do great things in my business that I never would have done without his support and expertise. He has helped me to push through fear and hesitation to make changes that have been hugely beneficial to my business. In the several years I have been working with Kevin I have learned so much as a business owner, and I am really grateful for how he has helped me to grow.”

– Jamie Small

The Mortgage Advisors

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