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Increase company profitsIt’s true that money can’t buy happiness but here at ByNan Business Solutions we KNOW that money helps business owners sleep at night, eat properly, maintain healthy mental and physical conditions and provides peace of mind. This is why it’s crucial for every business to create and maintain consistent profitability.

Money is not just Sales and Marketing

Profits are systematically Grown in any Company

Profits aren’t Everything…They’re the Only Thing

Most people consider growing profits in a company is all linked to sales and marketing. Although sales and marketing efforts are key to growing revenue, there are numerous areas within any company where profits can be grown. Take the “Coaching Fit Assessment” and get closer to understanding the keys areas to grow profits in any business.

A lot of companies simply throw money and resources at futile efforts to grow revenue and profits in their business. However, growing profits in any business is quite easy. It requires a solid plan and discipline but it is simple. Complete the short and easy “Coaching Fit Assessment” to get closer to learning how to grow profits in your business.

In our experience, too many business owners focus far too much on annual revenue growth year on year. You’d be surprised how much healthier your company will become by simply focusing on gross profit margins and net profit margins. To get the health of your business pointed upward take the quick “Coaching Fit Assessment” and get a meeting with the Coach.

During the time I worked with Kevin he coached me to bring a higher level of vision for my company, focus as a business owner and accountability to growing my business with a true caring, positive and inspiring attitude. I was able to bring more order to my business, grow and inspire my team and have a focus that grew profits which made me a better business owner and a better supporter of my family.

– Rick Buffham

Owner RB Heating Climate Care

Kevin’s impact on my business has been undeniable. My company was doing “well enough” financially, but I had trouble finding time to work on client growth, and the line between my work and home life was hopelessly blurred. With Kevin’s coaching and guidance I’ve brought clarity, accountability and focus to my business, spending more time with my family while seeing a significant increase in revenue over the last six months. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your business and are looking for a way to make your company grow without letting it take over your whole life, I highly recommend Kevin.

– Josh Lamb

Owner, Sterling Grace Technologies